Casey Swig Sedlack



Casey Sedlack is a Wyoming based freelance writer. With a professional background in creative writing, travel and destination marketing, copywriting, editing, and with a certificate in Digital Marketing, she can help you create the kind of content you've been craving in your business and creative endeavors.

Casey specializes in lifestyle and travel writing, product reviews, and profile pieces. As a former Creative Writing teacher, she incorporates elements of fun and creativity to each body of work, and caters directly to her client's target audience.

Casey Sedlack is a delight to work with. Not only are her pitches original and on-point, but her execution of the idea always meets or exceeds expectations. She’s a great collaborator who can adjust when necessary and stick to her guns when the situation calls for it. Her writing is personable and full of character. Her attention to detail is a plus and she responds really well to suggestions or mid-stream pivots. I highly, highly recommend Casey as a freelancer... you will love working with her!
— Ryan Waterfield, Editor-In-Chief of BigLife Magazine
“Casey is quick to respond, thorough in her research, and offers a unique perspective for my content marketing clients. Submitting completed work on time with reputable sources makes my job as managing easy. I recommend working with her in the tourism and destination marketing industries.”
— Kelsey Anderson, Content Marketing Specialist at Volume 9