Number One.


I am officially beginning to blog. 

The idea for this blog was born during a time in my life when living in rural Wyoming was slightly less than invigorating, and seemed increasingly more and more trying. First of all, I strongly disliked my job at the time, the winter was long, the wind ceaselessly screamed, and all I wanted to do was chain myself to a wall by the wood stove in the basement so no one could make me stand outside while the cottonwood trees were holding on for dear life as massive amounts of air was being relocated around them at 75 miles per hour. NOT a prime example of the good life. That was 3 years ago. Since then, I have become a teacher, a retailer (if you consider making halters for one dude ranch retail), and fired up about awesome women in rural America who make their livings doing neat things (for the record, I'm still not moved to adventure out into the wind, but I'm okay with that, and if you judge me, I will assume that you have never been to Wyoming in March). Furthermore, I have become unemployed. But don't mind's merely a temporary look into what life is like when I really have nowhere to be but exactly where I am. And let me tell is AWESOME.

I'll start with my newest intentions as an unemployed blogger. I want to capture women and men (but mostly women)...and hide them away in my basement with me so I have a community of people to hang out with when I don't feel like standing in the wind. Kidding. I want to capture women and men in rural America doing what they do best, making a living that's founded in creativity, synergistic relationships with the environment, and bringing joy to themselves, their families and their communities.

The first woman I interviewed who fit the bill, inspired me and is definitely a force of nature, as my editor would say, is Sarah Calhoun - the CEO and founder of Red Ants Pants in White Sulphur Springs, MT. If you haven't already read my illustrious article that sings her praises in BigLife Magazine, you should hastily navigate your way to the article by clicking on her picture on "The Women" page. She is excellent, and so are her pants. I, for one, personally endorse them as excellent for both work and fashion. 

I also want to share my passion for education, community building and exploration. With that said, hello to you all, and be looking for my next blog post about life in The Spirit World down here in Wilderness, Wyoming.