Things I Love About The Country

Brandings. There's nothing quite like a branding. The other day around 30 folks got together just east of here, and we branded 250 calves. It's great to watch things get done fast and without a wreck (even though, at one point, Tyler did go one way while his horse went the other). Although I was only ear tagging, it felt good to work hard with happy people.

The smell of cotton wood trees after it rains. It's been raining here for about 4 days, and the smell just gets better and better. The road might be impassable, but that's okay. It keeps the riff-raff out.

Living here is like being in schoolI don't think a day goes by here when I don't learn something about myself or the world around me. For example, the grass roots in our raised beds run deep, and when you're branding, the brand should leave a scar that's "saddle leather brown all the way around," and I need to learn not to holler back at Tyler when he's telling me how to avoid a wreck on my horse.

I can wear my mud boots to town and look normal. There are some days you either (a) can't dress up because you'll get dirty anyway, or (b) don't want to dress up. On these occasions, dressing for the season is never a bad idea. Right now my spring uniform consists of: jeans, warm upper layers, a scarf, a hat, leather gloves with liners still in them, and irrigating boots. #sexy

Being a good neighbor goes a long way. When you always have room at your table, and an interest in someone else's life, you generally can only do good for your community. Here are our house rules:

1. Dance.

2. Do good things.

3. Don't be a dick.

On that note, folks, happy Tuesday.